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Culpeper Workshops

The Culpeper Language Learning Center invites the campus community to participate in one or all of the remaining workshops this semester at Culpeper. These workshops are free and are put on by the Culpeper Crew work-study students at the Center. Below you will find the flier of the schedule for the second half of the […]

Skype helps ill student suceed

Sometimes life brings unexpected challenges. This was the case for Senior Emily Eddy, one of my Spanish students this semester. Emily had just finished a J-Term trip to Spain and Morocco when she was hit by the Guillain-Barr√© Syndrome, an autoimmune syndrome which left her basically paralyzed after just a few days. The symptoms were […]

What students are doing in Modern Languages at Gustavus

Students in Professor Marisa Kalbermatten’s Spanish Composition class are reading and discussing El cartero de Neruda (Neruda’s Postman) the Chilean novel on which the film Il Postino is based.¬† Professor Kalbermatten’s innovative approach means that students are learning about Chilean culture and political history at the same time as they are studying advanced grammar and […]