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French 101 at Gustavus: blogging “la très belle langue”

  For Professor Laurent Déchery’s French 101 class, students create blogs in order to practice their language skills. Andrea García blogs about her courses, what she does on the weekends, Thanksgiving vacation, and even about going to see “Twilight: Breaking Dawn.”  Check out her blog “C’est la vie”  here!  Gabe Gazzola blogs about her  friends, […]

Smoking Santa: Gustavus German classes study holiday traditions

Smoking santas, nutcrackers, and gingerbread! In Professor Pat Branstad’s German classes, students learned about Christmas holiday traditions in German-speaking countries recently, and also studied the German influence on American Christmas celebrations. On December 6, students celebrated Nikolaustag (Saint Nicholas Day) in class with traditional candies and Pfeffernüsse cookies. The following day the class used the […]