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Hispanic Heritage Month!

Hispanic Heritage Month/ Mes de la Hispanidad: Below are events related to the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month in October! Come and have fun, get involved, and learn about the Hispanic World! Several of these events are to kick-off the new major in Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies! On campus/in Saint Peter Saturday, October 6, […]

Rachel Chase – Gustie of the Week

Rachel Chase, a Spanish major, Spanish assistant, and the first LALACS major, was featured in the Gustavian Weekly as Gustie of the Week. Click on the link to read the article. It clearly shows why we are so proud to have Rachel as a major! Rachel Chase-Gustie of the Week

El Tintero – Gustavus literary/film journal in Spanish!

This Fall, Gustavus publishes its first online journal in Spanish. Titled El Tintero (“the inkwell”), the journal features original creative works by Gustavus students, including short stories, essays, poetry, storyboards, and short films. It’s a great indicator of the ambition and talent of language students at Gustavus! Professor Angelique Dwyer is faculty supervisor and Ian […]

Chinese Skype Exchange a Success

This morning Lance Erickson and Keenan Madson, two students currently taking Chinese 102, participated in a test Skype language exchange with two individuals in Taiwan in the field of international trade. In the future, the Culpeper Language Learning Center hopes to create more opportunities such as this one, integrating them into current courses when possible. […]

Skill Boosting Workshops

If you are hoping to gain some new technology skills, gain insights and tips on language learning, or find a useful new app for your mobile device, look no further!  The Culpeper Language Learning Center has workshops 2-3 times a week on a number of different topics. We have a few more Workshops coming up […]

Cross Cultural Understanding Key to Future Careers

“Career services personnel at the University of South Carolina believe that employers value the study of any foreign language, not necessarily a specific one. They have spoken with many employers who think a student with knowledge of a second language and culture is more likely to have better cross-cultural understanding, an advantage when doing business […]