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Dear professors and students of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures:

We need your help. Jeremy Robinson (Culpeper Center) and I are revamping the MLC web site. The new site will host this blog, where we will post news about the department: our students, our alums, our course projects, faculty research, and community news.

But we want your input. Please send us news about what you are doing in your classes. Know any language students studying abroad or an alum who is using language in a new job? Please encourage them to send us their stories and anecdotes. Read a fabulous book that you want us all to check out? Is there an incredible café in St. Petersburg that we absolutely must visit if we go to Russia? Send me an email (nhanway) and you’ll be a guest blogger with instant (if temporary) fame.

And please send your photographs for the web site to Jeremy (jeremyrobinson). (Let him know why you are sending the photos, and that we have your permission to use them on the site.) We want to make the new web site truly representative of the department and its many languages and cultures.

Nancy Hanway






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