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Proud of our Majors: Bri Malecha and Andrew Malo

                 Brianna Malecha’17 (Spanish and Biology) and Andrew Malo’17 (Spanish and Education) presented at this year’s Creative Inquiry held on May, 2nd, 2014. Malecha’s presentation entitled “A Victim of His Work,” focuses on Juan, the protagonist in “Los censores” an Argentine short story written by Luisa Valenzuela. Malecha […]

“Spanish Literacy Bags Continue Student Engagement in the Community”

Angelique Dwyer’s Spanish 280 course: Introduction to Literature and Film in Spanish, partnered with the St. Peter Public Library. As part of this class, students made Spanish Literacy Bags for both Spanish and English speaking children. These themed bags include various exciting materials that engage children while improving their Spanish literacy skills. The multi-level bags will […]

“Students Change their Perspectives through Content-Based Instruction”

The Spanish faculty has recently adopted the content-based method of instruction in their lower level courses. Content-based instruction aims to utilize the target language as a vehicle through which content is learned. In essence, the target language is not taught in an isolated manner, but rather implicitly. This allows for an optimal opportunity for students to […]