Proud of our Majors: Bri Malecha and Andrew Malo

Posted on May 12th, 2014 by


Creative Inquiry               Brianna Malecha’17 (Spanish and Biology) and Andrew Malo’17 (Spanish and Education) presented at this year’s Creative Inquiry held on May, 2nd, 2014. Malecha’s presentation entitled “A Victim of His Work,” focuses on Juan, the protagonist in “Los censores” an Argentine short story written by Luisa Valenzuela. Malecha discussed the use of irony in the story in order to grasp the social effect a dictatorial state can have on an individual’s critical thinking. Malo researched a Mexican short film by Carlos Cuarón, the sibling of none other than this year’s Oscar-winner for best director, Alfonso Cuarón. The comedic short film is entitled “Sístole diástole” and critically analyzes through the use of stereotypes the different roles present in contemporary Mexican society. Malo’s presentation entitled “Finding the Destined Path,” focused on the role of Carmelita, a young nun desperately searching for a sign from God, played by Salma Hayek.

We are proud to have such exceptional majors!


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