A Festive Oktober for the Gustavus German Club Posted on October 28th, 2016 by

by Professor Patricia Branstad


One of the most common associations with Germany is the Oktoberfest. Contrary to popular belief, the Oktoberfest is not a nationwide celebration, but rather a 16-day folk festival that takes place in München (Munich), the capital of Bayern (Bavaria), the largest of Germany’s sixteen states. Touted as the “world’s largest fair”, the 2016 Oktoberfest ran from September 16 – October 3; this year’s cool and rainy weather dampened the official attendance with “only” 5.6 million visitors.  The first Oktoberfest took place on October 12, 1812 as Munich’s citizens were invited to join in the celebration of the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese; 2016 marked the 183rd year of the event.

The table toasts to another great Oktoberfest

The table toasts to another great Oktoberfest

To celebrate a successful first half of the fall semester, the German Club sponsored a Gustie-style Oktoberfest for the German classes this past week. Complete with a Bavarian banner and other decorations in Bavarian “Weiß und Blau” (white and blue), top music hits from the Oktoberfest, and photos and artifacts from instructor Patricia Branstad’s visit to the Oktoberfest, the Humanities Resource Center was decorated to create a festive atmosphere. Treated to bread pretzels with homemade Obatzda (Bavarian cheese specialty), Apfelschorle (apple juice spritzer), Spezi (Cola and Fanta mixture), and apple strudel, the students learned some typical Oktoberfest songs and how to ‘toast’ one another, experiencing first-hand the feeling of “Gemütlichkeit” – a sense of contentment, belonging, and “feeling at home” in a particular place or situation.


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